Cereal Boxes Design

How to make a solar eclipse viewer cereal box?

Solar eclipse is a heavenly event that occurs after several years of waiting. The astrologists and astronomers eagerly wait for all these years to catch a glimpse of these historic events. The solar eclipse occurs when the earth's moon comes in between the sun and the earth while it is rotating in its orbit around the Earth. 

The enormous light energy that is emitted from the Sun is blocked by the Moon to the earth and the sun is seen turning black as it is observed from certain points of observation on the earth. This event has different meanings to different experts. 

They thrill to watch the solar eclipse can be great but the light that is emitted from the sun has a very high intensity and they can create irreversible damage to the eye when seen directly with naked eyes. There are special google that can be worn to observe the solar eclipse.

 In most cases, around the world these glasses or goggles are not available to people that want to see the solar eclipse, but do they do not have the resources and means to buy a goggle pair. For all such people a cereal box can become a fun apparatus to view the Sun's eclipse in a very drastic and innovative way. 

You can almost call it a toy but the theory and the functionality behind the observation of the solar eclipse capturing with this apparatus is applied in the great solar observatories with a very high degree of sophistication.

Weather you can afford solar eclipse goggles or not you can make this apparatus from cardboard cereal boxes to form a projector like device that can allow the light through to a flat clear surface. On this surface a small spot appears round spot appears as the small representation of the solar eclipse. This astronomical conjunction appears for a few minutes to a few seconds.

When you observe the spot made by the light of the Sun, it will slowly turn to dark slowly as the moon creeps between the Earth and the Sun. The spot of light on the surface or screen where you are taking the impression of the solar eclipse turns black and then slowly moves out leaving the spot bright and shiny as before.

Required Material

The cardboard solar eclipse viewer will require the following material that is easily available at any house hold and at the place of garbage collectors and some of things are easily available at street shops.

  • An empty Cardboard Cereal Box
  • Piece of heavy- duty aluminum foil
  • Piece of plain surface white cardboard cut to fit in the bottom of the cereal box
  • (for easier viewing)
  • Paper for the covering of the cereal box
  • Markers/Pictures used for the design of the box
  • A pair of Scissors
  • Tape or glue is little quantities

The Step by Step Procedure

  • Take a cereal box like the ones in which corn flakes come in, empty it with everything like the plastic or paper bag that contains the cereal.
  • Take the extra piece of the plain cardboard and cut it to the size of at the base of the cereal box and put some glue on it and stick it with the base of the cereal box from inside. Make sure it holds firmly in place. This will act as a screen where the solar eclipse will be observed as the light of the Sun will enter in the box as we will make openings for the Sun light to enter in the box.
  • Cut the opposite side where the cardboard piece was glued with the pair of scissors. This top end where the cutting will take place are actually where incisions are being made at the two extreme sides to help light enter in the box so that it casts an image of the sun on the cardboard strip that is glued at the bottom of the cardboard. So, both of the extreme ends of the tops will be chopped off on the top.
  • Now, put a tape on the top of the cardboard where the both extreme ends are cut off. This is to secure the cereal box top in place so that the sun's additional light does not distort the image of the Sun during the solar eclipse.
  • The two ends at the top of the cereal box that were chopped off to make incisions, one of them are covered with aluminum foil. Then add tape to secure the aluminum or the metallic foil to create a light barrier.
  • The other hole has to be kept open and it will be used for viewing the solar eclipse event.
  • Now you will take a nail that is used to keep things in place on the wall. The nail is to be of 3 millimeters in diameter, use this nail to pole a hole inside the aluminum foil. The light should be able to enter inside the cereal box.
  • The size of the hole is not an issue. You can experiment with different sizes of holes by using nails of different diameters. Our solar eclipse viewer should show the sunlight spot inside the solar eclipse viewer box. This apparatus can be tested in the sunlight even when the event of solar eclipse has not happened yet. If you look inside the box through the view hole, you will be able to see a spot that is casted by the Sunlight at a sunny day preferably at noon. This will show th8at your apparatus is good to go to observe this historical event.

  • Cover the cereal box with construction paper and you may color it if you like with designs of your own artistic choice. This step only is for cosmetic reasons to make this box and this event a memorable occasion.
  • The box should be held at the pinhole side facing the sun with the observer seeing from the view hole.
  • Warning: Never look directly in the Sun; it can damage your eyes.

The solar eclipse is a rare event and you can make it even more special by using your apparatus observing under the Sun. This device can impress your family and friends alike.